LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – Many Houston neighborhoods now have piles of people's personal belongings along the streets headed for the trash - a result of Hurricane Harvey.

"There are mounds and mounds of stuff out on the curbs around these houses," Cork Overfelt said.

He oversees the 18 people from Louisville's Wayside Christian Mission who are in Houston paying it forward to those who lost it all. "Try to ease their mind that things will get better. Just mostly the gratitude they feel that someone is there to help them," Overfelt described.

Hours are spent in stranger's homes removing drywall and getting them ready for contractors to begin to rebuild. It's a process that will continue through the week for Overfelt's group. It's the same kind of work they also offered families after Hurricane Katrina.

"It is amazing to see them pull together and work as a team," he said.

The group is showing compassion amid the devastation. It's a lesson we can all learn at a time when people need it the most.

"That's my calling. I'm serving the Lord. That's why I am at Wayside. To help," Overfelt said.