LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- ESPN GameDay set up is underway on the lawn of Grawemeyer Hall. The first show will be recorded on Friday afternoon. So, you have about 24 hours to create a sign that stands out above the rest.

"It’s a big game, two top teams, it’s in the city of Louisville where I'm from so there's a lot to be excited about,” U of L fan Joe Rush said.

"I think there will be some great signs coming out,” U of L student Gerald Leslie added.

"I like the ones that say go cards of course. I hope they hold up the cardinal’s head and pick us to win. That's a sign I'd like to see,” Fan David Batcho said.

Making signs for College GameDay is an art of its own.

So WHAS11 turned to the experts for tips, talking to Louis Samuels and Maddi Africano, the masterminds behind last year's Lamar Jackson touchdown sign.

"I’ve been making signs for big events for U of L for years,” Samuels said.

Samuels’ first tip is to "think creative.”

"A good sign, you either going to touch on something that’s hot right now, like this week go check twitter. Check the twitter world between Clemson and U of L fans. Like Clemson doesn't like when you say they're stadium is loud because they're playing it through the speakers,” Samuels explained.

But if you choose to go simple, he said you have to do it well.

Samuels said, "If you're just going to make a basic sign that works too, just make sure you make the letters really thick, test it out. Get a really thick marker, don't write it with a little sharpie, make it an inch or so thick and step about 100 feet away and see if you can still read it. That’s a key thing that rookies still don’t do."

He also said it’s important to read and follow the rules posted by GameDay, or risk getting your sign taken.

The sure way to know your sign is a winner is when it is featured on camera.

Samuels’ suggestion for getting noticed was, "The best tip is to find the fixed cameras that are focused on the anchors and figure out where those spots are because they go to them throughout the whole show. You don't have to be here at 5 in the morning to get a spot for that."

He also suggested making a sign urging people to donate to a hurricane relief fund, if you can’t think of anything else to put on the sign.

Schedule of Events

• 3 p.m. – College Football Live will be taped from the GameDay set.
• 4 a.m. – Fans may begin lining up for access to pit behind the GameDay set.
• 5 a.m. – The pit behind the ESPN College GameDay set opens.

During the morning
ESPN SportsCenter is expected to have reports live from the GameDay set

• 9 a.m. – Noon – ESPN College Gameday will be live in the lawn in front of Grawemeyer Hall
• 5:45 p.m. – CardMarch – Fans are encouraged to participate in the pregame CardMarch, which provides fans an opportunity to greet the Cardinals and cheer them on as the team enters the stadium. The team will be dropped off on the south side of the Denny Crum Overpass on Central Avenue two hours and 15 minutes prior to kickoff. With the assistance of the UofL marching band and spirit groups, the team will walk from the Green Lot, through the tunnel and into Papa John's Cardinal Stadium. Fans are invited to arrive early and create an entrance way for the players as they head into the stadium. For those not attending the GameDay set, look to provide support for the team as they arrive.
• 6 p.m. – Gates open to Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium
• 8:12 p.m. – Clemson at Louisville kickoff