LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- Louisville City soccer fans hoping to celebrate the approval of a new stadium this week will have to wait a little longer.

The vote by Council Members, originally scheduled for Oct. 12 has been pushed back two weeks, to Thursday, October 26. WHAS11 News talked to Mike Mountjoy, one of the 47 owners of the soccer club, who said if Council Members need more time, he's willing to wait.

“We don't want anybody feeling like they're being rushed. As I've said in the council meetings, there's timelines we have to meet with the options and so forth, but two more weeks, we certainly can live with that,” he explained.

There is a deadline, however, due to United Soccer League requirements.

“We have to be playing in the stadium by 2020 or we will not be able to have our USL franchise,” Mountjoy said, reiterating the need for the stadium if the team is to stay alive.

WHAS11 News caught up with fans at the soccer club’s latest home game on Saturday, who are asking council members to say ‘yes.’

“We're really emotionally invested in this and we've become a family, and to know that if things don't work out, we're not going to have that, it's a little scary, I'll be honest with you,” said Joe Vala.

Mountjoy and the other investors said they will foot the bill to build the stadium at a site selected in Butchertown, but they're asking the city to put in about $30-million to buy and prepare the land.

At a committee meeting last week, several questions were raised, including ‘why Butchertown and not West Louisville?’ Mountjoy said they considered it.

“The park on the west side, possibly into some of the space down there into some of Main Street, we probably would've had to have closed Main Street to do it over there, so it really, it just didn't fit.”

Mountjoy said he's willing to answer any and all questions posed by Metro Council members leading up to the vote.