LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) Newly obtained video of the man who police said was driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol causing a deadly crash, shows the suspect, Chad Erdley, repeatedly claiming to be unaware a crash had even happened.

The video, obtained by the WHAS 11 News i-Team, shows Erdley hours after the crash, but before he took a breathalyzer test. It is only a portion of the evidence prosecutors plan to use against Erdley.

The crash, on 3rd Street Road, happened in front of La Movida Night Club in the early hours of January 29. Nine people who were standing near a food truck were hit.

Stacy Walker and Jennie Burton, who were the first two people hit by the Chevy Impala, died at the scene, records show. Investigators believe Erdley was going between 80-84 mph and lost control, first striking a parked SUV, the 9 people, then a food truck.

The impact destroyed the Impala and caused significant damage to the SUV and food truck. But Erdley, according to the video, claimed to have no idea why he was in jail.

"What'd I do," he asked the officer who would conduct the breathalyzer inside Metro Jail.

"You got a DUI," the officer responded.

"A DUI? How?"

"I don't know, I wasn't there," the officer answered again.

Moments later, Erdley had similar confusion.

"I don’t even know why I was brought in there for."

"A DUI is what they brought you in."

"On like what," Erdley asked, "Alcohol drugs?"

"Yeah, whatever the case may be," the officer said.

Although Erdley could even be seen and heard grimacing, he asked if he had been attacked.

"Did y'all hit me? Why do I feel like my tailbone is all smashed?"

"You were in a car accident," the officer said, to which Erdley responded with an inaudible comment before saying, "See I didn't wreck nowhere," and mumbled.

According to his arrest report, Erdley at some point admitted to drinking and smoking marijuana hours before the crash, but that admission was not included in the records obtained by the i-Team. In the file, prosecutors said police body camera video exists, but was provided to Erdley's lawyers and not the public file, which is a common practice for the Jefferson County Commonwealth's Attorney's Office.

What is public is Erdley's blood alcohol level taken by the officer was .040, the records show, which is under the legal limit of .08. But court-ordered blood tests showed traces of marijuana in Erdley's system as well as Xanax and Hydrocodone.

Erdley is scheduled to return to court August 16.