LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – On a brisk Saturday morning, the sound of wind and the smell of fresh dirt fill the air as neighbors and friends who are unafraid to get their hands dirty, get to work.

“Whatever we can do to just come together and make Louisville a better place and a better city is great,” Julie Beck, a volunteer, said.

Victory Park was a park with a spotty reputation – known for gang activity and violence is now undergoing a renovation both to the grounds and to its reputation.

“It’s like a dream come true. To come from what the community once was to seeing some of those same members of the community out here planting trees,” Norman Parker, a bright-eyed community member, said.

Saturday’s project, which included the grand opening of a new basketball court and a walking trail, also brought out others looking to lend a helping hand to the community.

“They want the world to know that this is their park and they support it and they’re positive about that and they want everyone else to be positive about it,” Councilman David James said.

Norman Parker added, “We’re a community that has had our issues in the past but we’re coming together as one to make this community and neighborhood a safe place for the kids to grow up in.”

Victory Park still has more work to go.

The second phase of the revitalization project that will focus on building a splash pad and redoing the playground is scheduled for next spring.

The work done now is a step in the right direction towards beautifying the community and healing its image.

Victory Park’s renovations were part of a $1 million revitalization project funded by the Olmstead Parks Conservancy’s recent “Campaign for Extraordinary Parks”.