LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – The mother of a University of Louisville junior who says she was robbed and sexually assaulted on campus tells WHAS11 she is furious with the University for not only poor parking but what she calls a lack of urgency regarding her daughter’s life.

LMPD is searching for a suspect they say is responsible for two robberies and a sexual assault near UofL's campus.

The university is now responding, explaining why it did not send out a campus alert until the second incident happened.

Due to the nature of this crime, WHAS11 has concealed the identity of the victim’s mother.

She tells us her daughter was robbed and sexually assaulted on June 14 around 6-30 a.m. It happened near the overpass on 4th street close to Industry Road.

“The man had asked her did she want to live and he told her he would blow her brains out if she moved and that he was a heroin addict and needed money,” the mother said.

She tells WHAS11 that her daughter lives at University Pointe, but with just dozens of parking spaces for the hundreds of students that live there, her daughter often parks far away.

“They shouldn't have built housing units without appropriate parking,” the mother said.

This is one of two instances police are investigating. The second happened the next morning on June 14th around eight just a few blocks from campus on M and Rodman streets.

Detectives say a college female was robbed and electronics were stolen, similar to the first victim.

“That's all we wanted was an alert sent out that day and I was given three different reasons why they didn't post an alert, all of which made no sense,” the mother said.

UofL says it didn't send an alert regarding her daughter's incident since there was no longer an imminent threat to campus.

The mother said in rebuttal, “I think everyone would consider that imminent danger.”

But after the second robbery, officials say there was a concern the suspect might still be in the area.

The victim's mother says the university acted with no sense of urgency. She tells us that she is hopeful that no other parent, student or anyone has to deal with the emotional scars her daughter will continue to face.

No suspects have been arrested. You're urged to walk in pairs, be aware of your surroundings and call police if you see anything suspicious on campus or in your neighborhood.

The following is a statement from University Spokesman John Karman:

Last Wednesday morning, there was an incident involving one of our students near Fourth and Industry streets near the Belknap Campus. LMPD responded to the scene. The university learned details of the incident several hours later. An alert was not sent to the campus at that time because information available indicated there was no longer an imminent threat to the campus community. Due to heightened sensitivity involving the incident and a concern that the suspect might still be in the area, the university did issue an alert to the campus community on Friday evening after a similar occurrence south of campus. LMPD continues to pursue this case. Safety is a top priority at UofL, and the university examines its protocols and procedures any time an incident involving a student occurs.