LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- A social media post about a dog inadvertently eating poison intended for coyotes in Cherokee Park has set off a firestorm online.

The original post has since been removed, which has many people wondering if it’s true.

It's no secret that there are coyotes in Cherokee Park, but many are questioning why poison would be used, and if a dog was an unfortunate victim of the attempt.

To Verify this story, WHAS reached out to a number of local vets who told me if an animal was poisoned Louisville Metro Animal Services would know about it.

"We haven't been able to confirm anything, but anytime we hear a rumor we're going to investigate,” said Jerry Foley of Louisville Metro Animal Services. “Supposedly some meat was baited with some poison at Cherokee Park, so we have sent animal control officers out there to investigate."

To take our investigation further Louisville Metro Animal Services and Louisville Metro Parks referred WHAS to the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife, which is in charge of removing wildlife from public areas.

"It's far better to live with coyotes,” said Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife spokesman Mark Marraccini. “Eliminating coyotes is not a practical solution. There are a number of instances where that has failed terribly."

Marraccini told WHAS11 that there is no accurate way to know the number of coyotes in Cherokee Park, but a notice was sent to the public about their presence.

However, would Fish and Wildlife use poison to eliminate the pack?

"Putting poisons out is not a good idea,” said Marraccini. “There are a number of people who do try it from time to time, and it always has disastrous results. It's a violation of law and the penalties are both state and federal."

To this point neither Louisville Metro Animal Services or the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife have been able to Verify that there was ever poison in Cherokee Park, but is it safe to take your dog through the popular park?

"What we would recommend if you're taking your dog out to the dog park or walking at Cherokee Park is until we can confirm or deny anything is keep it on a leash,” said Foley. “Don't allow the dog to eat any meat that it finds on the ground."

Even if you're on private property it's important to remember that poisoning an animal is illegal, but there are safe ways to have a nuisance animal trapped and removed.

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