With Toyota's big economic announcement, we wondered whether some of the claims in the company's announcement were true.

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The automaker's news release cited a study by the Center for Automotive Research. The study claims Toyota Kentucky supports nearly 30-thousand direct, indirect or spin-off jobs across Kentucky.

WHAS11 wanted to Verify if this claim was true or false.

Brooke Wegner, on WHAS11’s News Desk, reached Jack Mazurak, Communications Director with the Kentucky Cabinet for Economic Development. Mazurak sent us an email citing the same study used in the Toyota news release.

Mazurak said the cabinet's own data base shows more than 100 auto suppliers that are benefiting from Toyota and other car makers in Kentucky.

Mazurak won't give the company sole credit, but he said the Center for Automotive Research is well respected and he considers the study to be solid.

We can Verify the claim as true.


Jack Mazurak, Kentucky Cabinet for Economic Development Communications Director

Center for Automotive Research


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