LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS 11) - It’s the most wonderful time of the year and the busiest for UPS.

“This is our Superbowl. It’s our biggest time of year. This is when we earn our money. We’re working hard. We’re not sleeping a lot, but we know our customers depend on us. We’re here to answer the call,” UPS Airlines Strategic Communications Director Mike Mangeot said.

It’s a call that comes almost non-stop during peak season. The daily record here at UPS Worldport is 4 million packages. That’s a figure the company is expecting to break this year.

The company’s package volume doubles close to Christmas, with more than 30 million packages getting processed every day all around the world. Around ten percent of those come through Louisville. Around 2/3 of the packages at Worldport go through Small Sort. That area is home to anything that can fit through a coat hanger. There are 17 miles of conveyor belts dedicated to just that section alone and more than 150 miles of conveyor belts in the main core building. The package handlers get quite the workout, as well. The shipping containers weigh 472 pounds empty and about a ton of packages in them.

“It’s a tremendous responsibility to help people with their holiday season. It’s an honor and something we take very seriously and work very hard to do,” Mangeot said.

It takes a ton of man and woman power to get it done, too.

“Just make sure you get your sleep. Make sure you eat before because if not, you’re going to get so tired. It’s really going to drain you,” UPS package handler Taylan Goodrich said.

Goodrich is a sophomore at UofL studying dental hygiene. This is her second year working peak season at UPS, and she’s got it down to a science now.

“It makes the night really easy, and it goes by fast,” Goodrich said.

Getting to help make the holidays merry and bright for millions of people isn’t a bad perk, either.

“It’s pretty cool to think about my family members out of state. I have a lot of family in Georgia, so thinking that maybe I delivered some of their packages or helped some of their packages get to them on time just by making sure it’s getting in there, not lollygagging, and just making sure it’s there. I’m kind of like the Secret Santa behind everyone else. I think we all are,” Goodrich said.

It’s a role this team takes on proudly each and every day, no matter the time of year.

“On December 26, we sit back and enjoy some well-earned rest, but then we start planning for next year immediately on December 26,” Mangeot said.

UPS is still hiring seasonal help. Click here to apply