LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- New information has been released every day, even shocking to those who follow every move at UofL.

“I've literally never seen anything like this. Not just for Louisville but the whole country,” said Bob Valvano, ESPN radio host.

Dated October 3, WHAS11 has obtained a letter sent to Rick Pitino explaining their intent to move forward with the process of firing him.

Interim President and Chair of the UofL Athletic Association Greg Postel wrote to Pitino pointing to his "conduct over a period of years." The letter lays out reasons why Pitino should be fired saying the two recent scandals--sex inside Billy Minardi Hall and the FBI investigation--"are illustrative of a pattern and practice of inappropriate behavior."

Valvano has known Rick Pitino since he was 13.

“Everybody is digging their heels in because there's a lot of money on the line,” Valvano said.

The school also announced more coaching changes. With former player David Padgett taking over as head coach, for the time being, two other assistant coaches Kenny Johnson and Jordan Fair have been placed on paid administrative leave. The university released this statement: "We are in the process of executing our due diligence as it relates to an ongoing investigation and feel that this an appropriate step at this time."

“Win the day. Just take care of the challenges that came today because things are coming so fast if you try to solve everything, you'll solve nothing,” Valvano said.

Meanwhile, basketball staffers Michael Bowden, Logan Baumann and RJ Evans will step into coaching roles for the time being.

“Poor David Padgett is working with one assistant coach who up until a week ago was the video coordinator--no disrespect but that's not the guy who is normally on the floor doing teaching,” Valvano said.

These decisions are being made quickly as practices are already underway. Cameras were allowed in for the first time this season earlier this week--Padgett led the practice with another new leader--acting Athletic Director Vince Tyra--also spending time on the court.

“These people are facing tremendous challenges without a roadmap for doing it because nobody has ever done it before,” Valvano said.

Pitino has the opportunity to make his case to the athletic board on October 16. He has the option to be there or have his lawyer speak for him. Tom Jurich will have to do the same thing but in front of the Board of Trustees on October 18.