LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- As the scandal fallout continued in Louisville, interim U of L President Doctor Greg Postel headed to Frankfort. Although his testimony was planned for weeks, the topic was as timely as ever. Dr. Postel was to discuss the "State of the University of Louisville.”

After the hearing, the interim president took time for reporters. His time in the Capitol to that point had not focused on the big story, but the FBI investigation involving the men’s basketball team was unavoidable.

Dr. Postel testified for 90 minutes sharing optimism for overcoming the accreditation probation saying that a letter to be made public this week will reveal they're nearly in total compliance and the school should be compliant by December. He called the renegotiated financing deal for the YUM center a win-win and he outlined academic success.

While lawmakers avoided questions about the latest basketball scandal, some voiced support for the interim president and administrators forced to deal with the situation.

Afterwards, we asked how they're dealing and whether they've dismissed any other men's basketball coaches.
“Not yet,” answered Dr. Postel. “That would be a decision by the interim athletics director.”

Q: Do you know who the coaches are that were numbered in that indictment?
Postel: We believe that we know, yes, they've given us enough information that we can make that determination.
Q: Have they been forthcoming to you to explain what may or may not have happened and what their roles were?
Postel: Not completely. The investigation is still ongoing.
Q: But are the coaches at least talking to you and telling you their side of the story?
Postel: We have not conducted our own investigation at this point.
Q: Do you know when that might start?
Postel: We are going to seek guidance as to the appropriate way to do that so that we do that in accord with the wishes of the US attorney's office.

You can see our full exchange with Dr. Postel, here.