LOUISVILLE (WHAS11) –The Board of Trustees held a vote and fired University of Louisville Athletic Director Tom Jurich.

The board voted 10-3 to fire Jurich.

The board meeting got underway shortly after 1 p.m. on Wednesday.

Jurcih's legal team was in the meeting for nine minutes. The meeting lasted for multiple hours.

A source told WHAS11, on Tuesday night, his lawyers were told by the University of Louisville they intended to fire Jurich with cause at Wednesday's meeting.

Jurich has spent 20 years at the University, transforming the campus and rebuilding the marquee sports programs.

Jurich's fate comes after the FBI announced they were continuing to investigate fraud and corruption across the country involving multiple college basketball programs. One of the basketball programs is the University of Louisville.

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Pitino was fired on Monday, Oct. 16, by the UofL Athletic Association.

The following is a statement from Jurich’s legal counsel at Frost Brown Todd Attorneys LLC:

"We are disheartened by the actions taken by the University of Louisville Board of Trustees this afternoon against Athletic Director Tom Jurich. We believe that their vote to terminate his contract was done in haste with inaccurate information that should have had no bearing on continuing his employment. Tom Jurich maintained a professional athletic department that was the envy of universities across the country. He has done nothing illegal, nor violated any NCAA rules. Tom has been a great steward for the University of Louisville Athletics brand.

Tom Jurich has always placed the care and well being of the student-athletes first. Tom continually demanded that his coaches follow the rules of the NCAA and the institution and never once waivered in support of those who did. The Jurich family would like to thank the senior staff, coaching and department staff, student-athletes, colleagues at UofL, donors, fans and everyone who live and reside in the city of Louisville for the opportunities and support they’ve provided throughout the years.

With that said, Tom has instructed us to vigorously defend his rights and reputation under his long-standing contract with the University of Louisville."

Interim president of UofL released this statement:

"Today the board of trustees voted to terminate, with cause, the employment of our athletic director. We want to thank Tom for his years of service and many contributions to the university.

From an administrative perspective, we are confident in the leadership abilities of the acting athletic director, Vince Tyra. We know that Vince will lead the department in a way that best serves the University, and our student-athletes, both on and off the field.

On behalf of the board of trustees, we thank those who have taken the time to write us in the past weeks. Your passion and support for the University of Louisville will ensure that our best days are ahead of us.

To our students, faculty, staff and Cards fans, this is our opportunity to demonstrate the unity and integrity that define being a Louisville Cardinal. When I walk around campus I'm always inspired when I see a student wearing one of our shirts that reads "Rise to the Occasion." Right now, we need to challenge ourselves to do just that."


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