LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – Professor Dr. Ricky Jones stood before committee members defending himself against allegations of being anti-police.

The board moved forward with recommending him to the full council after tabling the issue in April.

River City Fraternal Order of Police President Dave Mutchler spoke against Dr. Jones’ appointment then, causing a public back and forth about his qualifications with Mutchler claiming Jones’ viewpoints could not be unbiased.

“The fact that such a man has been repeatedly chosen to lead the Fraternal Order of Police, not the police department mind you, but the FOP demands that we be vigilant and cultivate rather than quell oppositional voices,” Dr. Jones said.

WHAS11 spoke with Mutchler after the council’s vote.

He says he expected Jones to be recommended to the advisory board and he’s still unclear whether Jones will be able to be unbiased.

“Our initial concern for the members was that, was he able in an unbiased fashion, review these police cases? And we asked the community and the council to evaluate that concern when they were making their decision on whether or not the appointments was appropriate,” he said.

Dr. Jones’ appointment will not be official until the full Metro Council votes on the nomination at its next meeting.

WHAS11 did speak with Councilwoman Mary Woolridge who is the chair of the appointments committee.

She voted to recommend Jones to the position and said he would make a great addition to the police advisory board.