LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – It’s only a matter of time before more one-way streets in Downtown Louisville turn into two-ways.

“We see this to be a positive on a number of levels,” Patrick Johnson with Louisville Metro Public Works said.

Drivers can expect 3rd Street to become a two-way street first, from Main Street to Broadway, followed by 7th Street, 8th Street and a part of Jefferson which will also convert in the future.

“I've seen too many cars drive the wrong way, I've seen too many cars cutting through parking lots and alleyways so that they're able to find a street going in the right direction, and I think this will make everything a little bit safer,” Matt Ruben, who told WHAS11 News he drives downtown every day to work, said.

Matt Ruben was one of few who showed up the public meeting Monday night where drivers could offer suggestions before the changes begin. Ruben said he’s not concerned about too much confusion.

“Most of the people who drive downtown, drive downtown frequently and for those people, you just get used to new traffic patterns, you get used to new routines quickly once you're presented with something different.”

There are still some concerns on the table, like parking. Johnson said there will be fewer places to park, but not significantly less.

“There's about 90 parking spots along 3rd Street right now from Main to Broadway,” he explained. “We're able to keep about 75.”

This public meeting explained that it's part of a plan that's been in progress since 2009. It’s an effort to slow down traffic and create better access to downtown businesses.

“It creates better circulation patterns, and in this instance, better connectivity to the 64 ramp and River Road,” Johnson said.

Drivers should expect to see the changes sometime in 2018, but no definite date has been set.

Once the changes begin, Johnson said it would only take a few days to restripe the roads and install traffic signals.

Another public meeting is scheduled for October 4 at 5:30 p.m. at Slugger Field on Main Street.