LOUISVILLE (WHAS11) – The Jeffersontown High School incident will be reviewed in two ways, according to Jefferson County Public Schools Acting Superintendent Dr. Marty Pollio.

Pollio said one review will be an independent look at the actions by JCPS staff in the incident and a comprehensive safety review of the school will be done as well.

Pollio said a letter will be sent home to parents on Thursday.

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Pollio said he was very concerned when he saw the video of the incident. It appears it all started with a fight between two students in the school cafeteria. JCPS said the school resource officer had to call Jeffersontown police for backup during that fight.

As the school resource officer attempted to escort one of the involved students out of the school, that student's brother reportedly attacked one of the responding police officers.

In the video obtained by WHAS11, you can see that officer fall to the ground after he's hit. At that point, the situation escalates quickly, and the video does not give a clear picture of what happened in those tense moments that followed.

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The chaotic video appears to show an officer kicking the student while he's on the ground, and students are heard frantically screaming in the background.

A spokesperson for JCPS said on Wednesday the officer that was attacked deployed a Taser on the student but did not give any additional comments about the use of force.

“So, when I see video that clearly indicates that it’s not a supportive, positive climate for our students, I feel incumbent upon me to take action,” Pollio said.