LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – Two dogs in line to be slaughtered for meat in South Korea are now finding new families in Kentuckiana.

The Humane Society International rescued nearly 200 dogs from a meat farm overseas on Monday and The Arrow Fund, based in Louisville, drove overnight to rescue the dogs and help them recover.

By any American's standards, it’s truly horrific – dogs kept in cages, as they wait to be sent to the slaughterhouse.

"It’s a very barbaric life that they have and it’s a very barbaric treatment when they go to market,” The Arrow Fund’s Rebecca Eaves said.

But for nearly 200 of these animals, a happy ending is in sight.

A team of rescuers with the Humane Society International went into a South Korean farm over the weekend and saved the dogs, one by one.

Dozens of animals were loaded onto planes and shipped to the United States- where The Arrow Fund's Rebecca Eaves, among others, took the petrified pets into their loving hands.

"Their future on that farm was that one day they would be brutally treated,” Eaves said.

Eaves and her husband drove all night, getting back to Louisville early Tuesday morning. The dogs they've named "Darren" and "Eve" were in the back of their van.

Both of the animals are injured. Darren is malnourished, so much so you can see his ribs and hip bones and Eve appears frightened.

But, neither one shows signs of aggression, meaning their future finding a forever home is a promising one."While these animals, they're stressed now – we pull them to us with love instead of being pulled into just a barbaric ending. And I mean barbaric,” Eaves said.

Find out how you can help these animals by contacting The Arrow Fund.