(BARDSTOWN, Ky. (WHAS11) -- Dealing with the disappearance of a daughter would leave any mother heartbroken.

"I'm always hopeful. That is something that I will never give up is my hope," Sherry Ballard told WHAS11.

But for Ballard, the hole in her heart grew bigger last November when her husband Tommy was shot and killed as he was heading out to go deer hunting with his grandson less than a week before Thanksgiving.

"I honestly do think that we're going to find justice for my husband," she said.

Tommy's brothers are now putting money forward - announcing a $20,000 reward for information that could help solve his case. There's also $70,000 in reward money to help solve the unsolved case of Sherry's daughter Crystal, who disappeared in July 2015. The Bardstown family is hoping the next tip could be the one.

"I tell people, I don't care how small you think it is, it may be huge to a police officer," Ballard said.

Tommy's brothers Mike and Roger came up with the idea that money may make someone talk. "Figured there might be a little bit of hope there that somebody would come through," said Roger.

The Ballard's friends and extended family came through for the reward in Crystal's case. For Sherry, the loss of Tommy brings new pain this week. Friday would have been their 38th wedding anniversary. She plans to visit his grave. "I love him. I always will. I miss him," a tearful Sherry said.