LOUISVILLE (WHAS11) -- The new bridge tolls will be taking a toll on many small business owners.

They start on Dec. 30 for drivers who cross the Lincoln, Kennedy and East End Crossing.

Paying tolls is something new for Kentuckiana, so many will be feeling the pinch but some businesses in particular like The Flower Shoppe in New Albany.

“We go across the bridge multiple times a day, when a major holiday comes, that's my biggest fear because we do more than a thousand orders for Valentine’s day and Mother’s day,” Pamela Sanders, owner of the flower shop, said.

Sanders said she is beyond concerned as she anticipates higher costs to run her company now that tolls on the Lincoln, Kennedy and East End bridges are about to begin.

“Three-fourths of our business is in Louisville and how is that going to affect us in our pocket? Because there are going to be numerous vehicles,” Sander said.

Due to daily fees going back and forth from Indiana to Kentucky, Sanders says her $10 delivery fee will likely increase.

“I look for that to go up maybe to 12, and personally I wouldn't like that,” Sander said.

Her drivers will have to get transponders and eat those extra costs.

“I know a lot of them are retired people and I hear a lot of times...’I don't want to go to Louisville’...well, now they're really not going to want to go to Louisville,” Sanders said.

It's the battle of good and bad Sanders says.

Yes, the bridges are great for traffic as Kentuckiana continues to grow but for small delivery based businesses, Sanders says she wishes there were alternatives or better deals for those mom and pop stores who will likely have to make some changes to survive.

While RiverLink does not give discount on toll fees for small business owners, officials say those businesses that are delivery based are saving $5 on their transponder purchases.