LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – A Lake Dreamland family is grieving a horrific loss Monday night after their 2-year-old boy died from a gunshot wound.

The child’s father is calling it a horrible accident and said he never thought his child was in any danger.

"Just two little boys. Two little boys playing,” one neighbor remembered, while thinking of the boys.

A picture released to WHAS11 shows the toddler that was killed after being shot in the face with his older brother.

"I’m praying for them. I've been praying for them since I found out,” Ronnie Cobble said.

Cobble lives across the street- he said he watched police search the home on Huff Lane in Lake Dreamland all afternoon.

What he saw was much different from what he normally sees across the way.

"Oh they'd be playing out in the yard. All the time playing. And the parents would be playing with them too,” Cobble said.

The circumstances of the shooting are still unclear.

The child's father said he was at work when the accident happened, and his wife was at doctor's appointment. He said their cousin was at home with boys.

"This is a very difficult investigation to have at this point and certainly our prayers are with the victim and his family,” LMPD’s Dwight Mitchell said.

Police aren't releasing many details about what happened but the child's father said he never thought his son was in danger.

Neighbors said they're sure it was an accident.

"They are good kids. They're clean kids. The parents are good people. I know that for a fact,” Cobble said.

As police continue to work the investigation, the family is working to heal.

They maintain they never thought something like this could happen, and promise it will never happen again.

At this time, no one is facing charges. Police are hopeful they will be able to release new information about this case tomorrow.