LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – The biggest fight may not be on the court, it may be fighting for a ticket that doesn't cost you your life savings.

Prices we're seeing for fans to head to Indy to watch the Cards or the Cats are already in the thousands. Is your house divided?

Is it a battle between red or blue or is the discussion over the prices of tickets to watch the Cards or Cats live in Indianapolis for the first round of the Men's NCAA tournament?

Prices our crew found on stubhub.com list tickets for the U of L game Friday against Jacksonville State at 2:45 from $800 to more than $9,000 and some are for the balcony.

“Yeah that a little too much a pretty penny for me!” For the University of Kentucky, get ready to spend more than four thousand bucks for their game later that night, Craig Shelton, a UK fan, said. “Now, if it’s around that same ticket prices for the final games then I'd definitely pay something like that but not for a first round game.”

UK and U of L officials tell WHAS11 they are not offering any tickets to the general public, so fans are on their own.

There are also no travel deals available from the schools either. Many may just skip the prices and head North just to be in the midst of March Madness.

“I'm actually super excited to see UK's first game against NKU, and it’s their first time in the tournament so it’s going to be really cool to see two Kentucky teams play each other,” Shelton said.

Others may just hang out in town because the screams will likely be just as loud.

“It really brings people together...you know they'll go over to each other's houses and have snacks and food together...it's really great,” Jonathan Antonelli, a U of L fan says when discussing this time of year, said.

“The next few weeks it’s going to be crazy so hopefully they both make it far so both teams have something to cheer for,” Shelton said.