LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- Three women have filed civil lawsuits against Louisville Metro Police Officer Pablo Cano.

“He knows what he did, there's a special place in hell for people like him,” said one of the women who wants to keep her identity private.

The lawsuits say Cano raped and sexually assaulted these women on separate occasions.

“If I had my way, he'd be in jail now.”

She said they met at Cherokee Park, riding bikes randomly, and then exchanged numbers. A few weeks later, she said Cano showed up at her house, while on duty. She said he forced himself into her home after she said he couldn't come inside. She said her kids were home at the time, as well.

“He had slammed me up against the door jamb when I was fighting to keep my clothes on, and it just escalated very quickly,” she described.

She said Cano came back the next day. This time, he wasn’t in uniform, but this woman said he did have his badge and his gun.

“He started, again, tugging at my clothes, and he stood up, picked up his gun and he said we need to go to a different room.”

The woman said she was too afraid to call police, given the circumstances, but after months of seeing him in public, she changed her mind.

“At some point I had to overcome my fear, and go ahead and report it and I figured whatever they do, I have no control.”

After her lawsuit was filed, more women came forward. There are two others who have also filed a lawsuit, and then a fourth woman who filed a rape complaint against Cano at LMPD.

The woman's attorney, Shannon Fauver, told WHAS11 news more women have also approached her, but have not filed at this point in time.

“I know how it changed my life and how hard it's been, so I imagine they're going through the same thing. I wouldn't wish it on anyone, but I knew from his behavior that he would continue,” she explained.

Cano is currently on administrative duty with the police department.

Cano’s attorney told WHAS11 News that Cano “maintains his innocence.”