LOUISVILLE (WHAS11) -- A Louisville man is taking action to stop the violence he says is plaguing his city.

Hameen Muhammad started putting up signs with a specific message with the hopes that those involved will listen, and those who aren’t will help too.

"Think, think, think, before you shoot," Muhammad read from one of the signs.

Muhammad is using his own money to create a campaign he hopes will resonate within his community and then save their lives.

He said, "It ain't never going to be completely wiped out but some senseless kind of things can be taken care of."

Muhammad started about two months ago after taking notice of the city’s fight against gun violence.

First he came up with the saying and then started working on the look, using red for the words to make people stop and pay attention.

"This ain't no joke," Muhammad said.

He is focusing on putting the signs in the areas most affected, including the Park Hill neighborhood.

In the last six months, five people have been killed in the Parkway Place housing complex in the heart of the Park Hill neighborhood. Five others were shot but survived.

Those 10 shootings happened in about a two square block area.

"The life that they save may my mine, yours, anybody's because those bullets get to going and they don't have no direction," Muhammad said.

He said the city's violence is the city's problem, and not only those in charge. That's something Mertus Strong agrees with and the reason he decided to help.

"Its important everybody accepts personal responsibility. It’s not just one or two people, everybody has a job to do," Strong said.

Together the men have created banners to display at events like the Dirt Bowl, yard signs that he's put in several different neighborhoods and even decals, so the message travels when they do.

"I’m just trying to put my little bit in there for whatever its worth," Muhammad said.

A little bit that he hopes will go a long, saving lives in Louisville, one sign at a time.

If you would like to get involved with the campaign or buy a sign for your yard, you can call Muhammad at 502-299-7172.