LOUISVILLE (WHAS11) -- The two teens killed in that awful crash on Herr Lane over the weekend have now been identified by the coroner.

Family members had identified the driver as Isaiah Basham and the coroner's information confirms that.

The passenger was apparently his 16-year-old girlfriend. She's been identified as Alexis Gray.

Police say they spotted Basham driving erratically near Ballard High School early Sunday morning and followed behind him with their lights on.

They say that's when he sped off and crashed.

"I always pass landmarks and I always thought I hope I never have to do that for my kids and now there's a landmark here in the area we live in that I have to pass every day that I go to work,” Amie Thompson, the mother of one of the crash victims, said.

Basham's sister says she was following behind her brother's car and tried to pull him from the burning vehicle.

The family believes Basham sped off because he had recently skipped a court appearance.