LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – Teachers and parents across Kentuckiana gathered Saturday to rally in support of public schools.

The movement is part of the March for Public Education that happened in Washington D.C.

The Louisville rally was held at the Gene Snyder Federal Courthouse.

Organizers are motivated by the Trump administration’s proposed changes to education which include a 13 percent spending cut to education and the expansion of a federal voucher plan that would favor private and charter schools.

Marchers are also worried about the recently passed House Bill 520, which helps establish charter schools in the state.

“We are concerned that there are a lot of loopholes that allows for educational management companies and charter school operators to come in from out of state and basically propeteer at the expense of tax payers and take money away from our public school students,” Tammy Berlin, Vice President of the Jefferson County Teachers Association, said.

There were similar marches in Frankfort, Lexington, Bowling Green, and other cities across the nation.