WHAS11 is trying to help bring awareness to breast cancer. One way you can help us get the word out is by using Facebook.

You can show your support by updating your Facebook profile picture with a frame we've built.


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How to use the "WHAS11 Race for the Cure" Facebook Frame:

On your phone

On your profile, tap the word "Edit" on your profile picture.

Tap "Select Profile Picture."

Select a photo to be your profile pic. It can be the same one you are already using.

Tap "Add Frame," and search for "WHAS11 Race for the Cure" You should see it in the list of options.

Select the frame and tap "Use" in the upper right corner.

Tell your friends about our frame.

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On a computer

Click Update your Facebook profile picture

Click Add Frame

Click "Select a Photo" in the middle of the page.

Pick a photo. It can be the same one you're using currently.

Search for "WHAS11 Race for the Cure" in the field that says "Search for themes, owner names and more."

Pick the frame that says "WHAS11 Race for the Cure."

Resize your photo if needed.

You can select how long you want to use the frame. It defaults to one week.

Click "Use as Profile Picture."

Tell your friends about the Race for the Cure!

If all else fails, you can use this link to send a notification to your Facebook app and it should allow you to add the frame to your photo.

While changing your profile picture doesn't get help the cause directly, it does help spread the word. This is called "passive giving." We hope you will join us in supporting the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure.