LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – On Sunday morning, the owners of SuperChefs expected to be flooded with brunch business, not water.

“My chef called me and I just thought, 'Lord, please don't let it be another fire,’” Executive Chef Rodney White said.

Over the weekend, Executive Chef White says a frozen pipe had burst. Several inches of water covered the floor of the dining room area.

“When I walked in, from here – this rug – on over all the way down to door was completely filled with about three to four inches of water,” he said.

The Highlands restaurant was forced to close their doors to start the cleanup effort. On Tuesday, the water was gone and the fans were running. White says this is nothing compared to their loss last year.

“As much as the water wasn't appreciated, the water was appreciated because like I said we've been through a fire so like I said, the water wasn't as bad,” White said.

Exactly one year ago, SuperChefs original location in St. Matthews burned to the ground. A year later, they've been forced to shut down to pick up the pieces once again. But this time, when they re-open, they're going to be serving up much more than just food. The owners now tell us they want to be part of the effort to stop the violence in the city.

“It may be a little challenging, but this is what we're built for. Like I said we went through a fire. A little water won't hurt us,” White said.

Despite losing thousands of dollars over the last few days, SuperChefs will be hosting a brunch on January 17th. All of the restaurant's sales from that day will go to a non-profit organization that's helping keep kids off the street.

“I feel like we are the role models that I didn't have when I was growing up. So like I said, we're going to take advantage of this opportunity that we have,” White said.

A fire and a flood – but they say nothing can stop them.

“This restaurant was built off faith and our faith in God is what's been carrying us so nah, we can't be stopped,” White said.

SuperChefs is expected to open back up on Tuesday. The first brunch will happen on the Jan. 17. This month the proceeds will go to Amped--a group that teaches kids about music producing and the business