LOUISVILLE, KY (WHAS 11) -- If you’re child wants to become the next Jennifer Lawrence, or just have fun singing and dancing on stage… there’s a drama camp for them this summer.

StageOne Family Theatre offers a wide variety of camps, for children starting at age four and all the way through high school.

“We start every morning with some games,” explained Andrew Harris with StageOne. He works to make learning fun. “Not games just to fill time, or have fun, they’re all tied to a skill that is going to become critical to their success.”

He’s teaching a camp where students are prepping for a performance of Aladdin Jr.

“We are learning how to sing, dance, and act and it’s been really fun,” explained 9-year-old Emma Himan, who’s in the class. “It challenges me, so I’m really happy about that.”

Her favorite part is, “Singing lessons, I love singing.”

“The students go through an acting class, dance class, music class, every day building their skills, so it doesn’t matter if you come in with a lot of skills or no skills, we meet every child where they are,” explained Harris.

Also happening just down the hall, a drama camp with a Harry Potter theme, and a physical actor class, teaching students how to use the body as an acting tool.

“Wherever it takes me, is my goal,” said Emma, talking about her future on the stage.

There are three more weeks of camps coming up this summer. If you want your child to be a part, sign up now at stageone.org.