A first impression should be a good impression. It's one of the lessons the principal at Mill Creek Leadership Academy wants her students to learn.

Wednesday morning, dozens of men donated their time and a tie to help teach that lesson. Principal Michelle Pennix is grateful so many men volunteered to give an hour and a tie.

"To invest in our young boys, to tell them this is one step in what a man really is and how a man presents himself to be serious and taken as a professional," Pennix said.

3rd to 5th grade students had their choice of almost 300 ties. Then they sat in groups and learned from a volunteer how to tie it. Pennix says this not only creates the opportunity to learn how to tie a tie but have a conversation and ask questions.

"To be a role model for our young people because unfortunately today, even though men, of course, are fathers and we see them, they may not be in the home as much," Pennix said.

The principal says once students learn how to tie a tie themselves they can wear one every Wednesday.