GOSHEN, Ky. (WHAS11) -- The story behind a group of students singing at St. Francis School in Goshen was a reminder Friday there are plenty of reasons to smile.

Recently, a teacher suffered a personal tragedy and the students wanted to show their solidarity. The school asked WHAS11 not to identify the teacher or be specific about the tragic event, but wanted to share the student’s efforts.

“Compassion is part of our mission at St. Francis,” one school official said, “The students really wanted to show their love for him and how much they're thinking about him and they wanted to share that in song and they know that ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’ is the teacher and his wife's favorite song.”

Friday morning, dozens of students gathered in the private school’s main amphitheater to record a rendition of the popular song to send to the teacher.

“I think it teaches the kids that, um, when we face challenges, there's a community behind us of people who love us and who want to support us,” the school official said.