LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- In this cold weather, Iona Wilson said she decided to stay inside all day.

“Can I have a report so I can tell my landlord? She's going to be freaking out,” Wilson said.

That's why she stood on her porch, shocked to see a crashed police cruiser in her front yard.

“It's crazy because I've been in there watching TV all day and I didn't even know there was no car out there,” Wilson said.

Police said the black Ford Taurus was stolen from an officer's home on Tuesday. Police would not get into specifics but tell us there was police equipment in the vehicle.

“It's scary. It makes me want to move,” Wilson said.

Police said an anonymous tip led them to the car, crashed and abandoned right in front of Wilson's home shaking up what she calls a very quiet neighborhood in the 200 block of 35th St.

“Mostly older people live over here. There ain't no crime. Like when something happen--you see how excited I am,” she said.

It's an excitement that Wilson said she's glad just stayed in her front yard and didn't do any damage to her home.

The car has been towed away and taken in for processing so police can assess if anything was taken. They still do not have any suspects.