LOUISVILLE (WHAS11) – The Louisville Zoo’s first Steller’s Sea-Eagle eggs have hatched for the first time in the zoo’s 48-year history.

The first eaglet hatched on April 4 and the second on April 7 to adult pair 21-year-old Pyotr and 20-year-old Anna.

“These two hatchings are significant to the Species Survival Plan as a whole bringing the total of Steller’s sea-eagle managed population to 19,” said Louisville Zoo Director John Walczak. “The Louisville Zoo is only the third accredited Zoo to successfully breed Steller’s sea-eagles. With only 5000 of these stunning eagles in the remnant wild and a declining population that is listed on the IUCN Red List of Threatened species as Vulnerable to extinction, these hatchlings will help raise awareness of this magnificent species."

Guests can expect to see Pyotr aiding Anna and the hatchlings by assisting with feeding and occasionally brooding the eaglets. During mealtime, the eaglets can be seen battling for dominance and they are fed once an hour, according to Bird Curator Gary Michael.

“The species is seldom bred in a managed system and a reliable strategy to do so is needed to assure the declining species is conserved,” Michael said.