LOUISVILLE (WHAS11) – Between the road barricades on Bardstown Road is a field of green made up of green shirts, green hats, green beads and even green beer.

"Anytime they close down Bardstown Road and you can walk and drink, it's a good time," Paige York, one of the thousands decked out for the St. Patrick's Parade, said.

"It's just fun to dress up and enjoy St. Patrick's Day," York's friend Melissa Bellwood said.

It's hard to find anyone not in the St. Patrick's Day spirit in the Highlands Saturday afternoon, and that goes for those with four legs too, like Bellwood's dog, Maisie.

"Maisie usually gets all the attention, not me, but it's just something for her to come out and do, so we like it," Bellwood said.

Tens of thousands lined the sides of Bardstown Road watching the annual St. Patrick's Parade roll down the street with floats and trucks topped with people flinging beads and other trinkets to the crowds while groups marched behind, performing for the throngs of onlookers.

"We had a great time," Jennifer Morgan, celebrating both St. Patrick's Day and her birthday, said. "We had an awesome day."

This year's parade theme was "One United Ireland," a fitting concept for the afternoon.

"Just met this guy a minute ago, just met this guy - great guy," Larry Smith said, gesturing to two men to each side of him. "Feel like they're my brothers already."

"It's great for the community," York said. "Always good to run into people I haven't seen in years."

"We all just need to come together and have a good time," Smith said.

The sounds of instruments and the cheer of the crowd fill the chilly March air, not only a celebration of Irish culture but also one for this community, joined together by the color green and a goal of having a good time.

"That's what it's all about - coming together and having a good time," Smith said.

Or as the Irish would say - catching some good craic.