LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- There seems to be a clash between some Metro Council members and the mayor, who is sticking by Police Chief Steve Conrad despite the increasing pressure to remove him.

Councilman David James even going as far as calling Mayor Greg Fischer arrogant after a Thursday morning meeting about LMPD's recent personnel changes. "The major message from the mayor was, 'We need you all to be quiet. We don't want you all talking about this anymore. It's causing concern in the neighborhood,'" James told WHAS11.

James says the council was not given advance notice of the leadership changes within LMPD. Chief Steve Conrad legally doesn't have to notify the council, but James says those changes were an unfortunate surprise to him and the people in his district. "We are doing what we are elected to do and that is to watch out for our constituents and protect our constituents," he said.

Even as several metro council members, including James, call for Conrad's removal, Mayor Fischer continues to defend the man he hired.

"Steve Conrad is our police chief. I support him. He can make any personnel changes he wants that in his view make our city as safer city," Mayor Fischer said.

The mayor also addressed an upcoming no-confidence vote by Metro Council members , which James says could happen by July. The mayor called it a waste of time and suggested getting rid of the chief is not the right solution to decreasing crime.

"Removing the chief is not going to stop what happens in the city every day," he said.