LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – Cold temperatures creeping into Metro Corrections over the weekend left inmates bundling up with extra blankets and officers gauging the air inside every dorm.

"They've been 40's and 50's both in the inmate areas and the officer staff areas. It's pretty chilly there,” FOP President Tracy Dotson said.

Checking temperatures in every dorm, during every shift, officials are working around the clock to combat the cold.

"These are large buildings, these are big commercial structures and it takes a little bit longer for that all to change and modify,” Steve Durham, Metro Corrections assistant director, said.

Jail leaders point to problems with an HVAC system that is nearly 20 years old. They say they've spent more than $300,000 repairing it over the last 2 years but extreme heat and extreme cold still cause extreme issues.

They also say the old building brings challenges when it comes to temperature.

"It's not good conditions for either staff or inmates and when living conditions aren't where they're supposed to be, there's increased stress and trouble for staff also,” Dotson said.

Now, staff are working to keep warm while watching over inmates as well-ensuring everyone stays safe during their stay inside the jail.

Jail leaders say the ideal temperature in dorms is mid to high 60's, that is what they are aiming for and many dorms are back to that point now.