LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – The day before Thanksgiving is one of the busiest travel days of the entire year, and airports across the country are packed.

Wednesday, it was smooth sailing at Louisville International Airport with lines moving quickly and very few delays.

The hustle and bustle of any airport is always a sight to see. Add a holiday weekend into the mix, and it's on a whole other level. Wednesday, the security line was full of travelers full of stories of how they got there and where they’re headed.

"Got about three hours of sleep, woke up, packed, and here we are,” travelers Jon and Tyler Niemann said.

"I'm going to Baltimore, and then I'm going to New Jersey and New York,” traveler Kailei Caggins said.

Though they may be temporary, goodbyes are never easy. Walker dropped off her daughter to fly to Florida for the holiday weekend and said it was tough to let her go.

"Short, simple, quick, and sweet,” mother Kristi Walker said.

However, short lines and friendly faces certainly helped make it a little better for her family and other travelers.

"Reassurance that I'll get through and get to my gate on time,” Caggins said.

"I am really pleased with how it is because we were anticipating the TSA check-in to be a little longer than it has been. I was worried about her because it's only the third time she's flown ever,” Walker said.

Others have a bit more plane practice.

"We're from Chicago. So, coming through this airport isn't bad. We're used to a lot bigger crowd and what not,” the Niemann brothers said.

That experience provided plenty of travel tips for the brothers to pass along.

"Always have your phone charger with you and not your checked bag. I learned that from some past experience,” Jon Niemann said.

"Overpack. You'd rather overpack than have not enough clothes at all. You'd rather be that person with a big carry-on than coming back with smelly clothes,” Tyler Niemann said.

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