LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – A popular BBQ restaurant is closing down in the Smoketown neighborhood.

Smoketown USA announced on their Facebook page that they are closing down their doors.

Below is the statement that they released on Facebook:

“In the fall of 2002, Eric David Gould had a crazy idea. He thought he could buy and renovate the civil war era building at the corner of Logan and Oak Streets and open a business that would help rejuvenate the neighborhood.

Everyone he know told him it was a terrible idea and that it would never work. But, Eric is an entrepreneur and a person who believes that hard work and dedication will bring results. He and his wife spent the next four years renovating the building and in May of 2007 Smoketown USA opened its doors.

Almost a decade later, we are proud to be able to say that Smoketown USA has been a success and that his goal has been achieved.

Eric, who most of you know as "The Redneck Jew", has a mind that constantly churns out ideas and inventions. He has decided to close the restaurant in order to pursue new adventures. (of course, it is now bow season so he will likely spend the rest of the year hunting and fishing, lol)

We want to express our gratitude to everyone who helped in making this venture a success. Our families and friends have given us unconditional and invaluable support. We are so grateful to our wonderful and loyal customers. We have met many interesting and awesome people and so many of you have become friends. We thank the local media for their continuous support through these years and thank Food Network for featuring Smoketown USA on two of their shows, Southern Fried Road Trip and Guilty Pleasures.

It has been a wild ride!!We never could have made it without all of your help.
Thank you, thank you so very much.

And, don't despair! Eric has plans in 2017 that will local events that feature Smoketown USA so you will have plenty of opportunities to get your Smoketown fix!! And who knows what Eric will bring us next?

With love and gratitude, we bid you farewell for now.


Eric and Lynn”