LOUISVILLE (WHAS11) -- Enormous flames engulfed Building 6, inside GE Appliance Park more than two years ago. But Wednesday, a new park was opened on the spot where the building formerly sat.

"It was just not a very pretty solution, it wasn't environmentally friendly and gave us no additional benefit for appliance park employees," Brigitte Mader, with Appliance Park, said.

Mader said the fire left behind a concrete slab that needed to be capped.

Appliance Park leaders said they knew they had to make a change and decided to cover the slab with soil and create a sanctuary for employees and Kentucky's wildlife.

"This is perfect to come out, take a little stroll, have some fresh air, be out in the sun, clear your head, and then get back to work and have a great effective afternoon," Mader said.

"It is a special place, it's a place where you feel different, it's a peaceful place," a man at the ribbon cutting said.

The peaceful place is fit with two walking trails, 13 acres of trees, shrubs, wildflowers, and a Monarch Butterfly Waystation. The waystation is now providing the species with a refuge while they migrate south for the winter.

"It’s really been an evolution of various ideas to arrive where we're at today," Mader said.

Previously known as a site of devastation the park now provides a serene space for all of its visitors.