LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- Jazz would occasionally be playing in the background when Louisville’s famed sculptor Barney Bright worked in his Butchertown foundry creating the original Louisville Clock.

The byline on the 1975 Courier-Journal article reads “Sheldon Shafer.” Just two years on the job with the Courier-Journal then, it would begin a decades-long fascination for Sheldon with that clock.

You name it, he wrote about it over 44 years.

A 1976 headline, “The elaborate plans unveiled for Mall-Area galleria”, “City leaders saying it was just what downtown needs.” The Galleria is now 4th Street Live.

Over the years the CJ’s photographers would capture Sheldon in action. Seen on the day the
Bingham family sold their media empire of The Courier-Journal, WHAS-TV, WHAS-AM 840, and WAMZ-FM.

In 1983, Sheldon detailed the Seelbach Hotels' first year of rebirth after a local businessman invested millions to get it back open and restored.

In 1990, “Funding dries up and the Mayor seeks idea for the Falls Fountain.” The spray of water in the river, donated by the Bingham’s was now the taxpayers to figure out as their endowment had run out.

If you ask me I'd tell you Sheldon's lasting impact was his coverage of Waterfront Park. He was there for nearly every design meeting and detailed the groundbreaking. A big day for the turnaround of the city.

Now at age 73, Sheldon no longer walks to all of his assignments. He moves a bit slower but with still 150 percent curiosity.

After writing an estimated 25-thousand stories, he can truly say Louisville, I knew you when!

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