SHELBYVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – It was quieter than usual at Lake Shelby on Monday evening.

“Just recently there was probably 200 geese around,” Larry Fowler, who walks around the lake regularly, said.

The park area in Shelby County is usually over-populated with geese. Now, they're nowhere to be found.

“What was here is now gone,” Fowler said.

Shelby County Park Director Shawn Pickens told WHAS11 News the wild animals are leaving behind too much of their fecal matter and park visitors said it’s a nuisance.

“There's a lot of them and there's a poop problem because you can't walk anywhere without it,” Joseph Segretto said.

“The campsites are just littered with droppings,” Fowler explained.

It's a problem similar to the geese that have been congregating in Southern Indiana. Like those in Clarksville, Shelby County Park officials explained it's causing potential health hazards for the general public, so the County Park got approval from the Mayor of Shelbyville to hunt within the city limits at the lake for one day.

“I don't believe in the unnecessary slaughter of game or our resources either, but there comes a time when the health and public safety of the community comes first,” Shelbyville Mayor Thomas Hardesty said.

Officials said licensed hunters legally shot 44 geese. It was monitored by the Kentucky Fish and Wildlife.

“I would rather not see 40, 50 birds shot. I would rather have the poop,” Segretto said.

Fowler said they would have rather seen the geese relocated, but understand that doesn't always work.

“I don't kill, so I would rather see them captured and moved, but I know that's a migrating bird so they're going to come back.”

Shelby County Park officials told WHAS 11 News they were hoping to remove 50 geese, but 44 is close enough and Shelbyville will not allow anymore hunting inside the city limits of Lake Shelby.

Shelby County Park officials also said that in the future, they are looking at other options, like trapping them and releasing them to less populated areas.