LOUISVILLE, Ky., (WHAS11) -- As bitter temperatures move into Kentuckiana this week, members of the homeless community will be asked to move out, LMPD will be enforcing multiple “camp clear outs” on Friday.

City officials report there are more than 6-thousand homeless people living in Louisville. It’s a number they say "far exceeds" shelter beds available and leaves many making their home on the city's streets."The last thing we want to do is destroy someone's home," Lt. Todd Felty said.

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LMPD's Lt. Felty said police have cracked down in recent months because of safety concerns and an increase in service calls- including EMS, police and fire.

The bulk of those efforts will come to a close at the end of this week when they plan to clear several camps for good.

Felty said, "There is an obvious area of trash and obvious area of tents and these people who are living in the tents know were coming, and are making preparations for us to be able to clean out that area."

He said officers have been working to warn people personally, and street outreach groups have been working with them to develop a plan.

"It would be our goal that once the homeless individuals are moved to the sidewalk here's your resources literally right there that can get you into a safe space if you chose to do that," Felty said.

With temperatures reaching the coldest of the season so far, these preparations are paramount.

Local shelters will move to "white flag" status once the temperature goes below 35-degrees. At that point, they will fit as many people as possible into the space.

Now, outreach groups say they are hopeful a solution for a lack of space is in the making next.