LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – A senior living apartment complex has been without both of its functioning elevators for a week.

Managers at Shalom Tower on Dutchman’s Lane tell WHAS11 News a sprinkler head blew on Oct. 10 on the 7th floor in the trash room, which is right by the elevators. Water then flooded the elevators.

“I’m running out of food. I’m running out of clean clothes and I’m running out of patience,” resident Joyce Myers said.

WHAS11 made the 9 flight trek to Myers’ apartment. It’s the same route she’d have to take with malfunctioning elevator issues in her building, except Myers has post-polio syndrome and congestive heart failure. She said she’s barely left the unit this week.

“I’m not faulting the manager about what happened to the elevators. My biggest qualm is there has been a lack of communication. Tuesday (Oct. 11) about 4:30 p.m. when I went into the kitchen, I saw this underneath my door. This is the only communication that we got. I called Wednesday, Wednesday afternoon, Thursday, Thursday afternoon – Friday,” she said.

Once the sprinkler head blew, Shalom Tower says the water was shut off but that was plenty of time to flood the elevators, drenching electrical controls, officials tell WHAS11 News.

The 14-floor high-rise is a self-sufficient living facility. Myers says she’s in better shape than many of her neighbors.

“I have a friend on the 14th floor that's on oxygen. I'm very lucky that I had food, that I had my medication,” Myers said.

As WHAS11 News cameras took a ride down, one elevator did work, but for so many living at Shalom Tower 60 and older, that uncertainty has been going on for too long.