LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- Senator Rand Paul found himself in the line of fire during Wednesday’s shooting at the Congressional baseball practice. The Republican found himself in the line of fire after a gunman attacked the GOP lawmakers who were practicing for a charity baseball game.

During a one-on-one interview with WHAS11, Sen. Paul said that he was in a batting cage beyond right field when the gunman attacked. He reflected on the horrifying moments and the irony of the gunman targeting this event.

"I think [the Capitol Hill police] saved everyone's life there because, I think, had the shooting gone on for another two minutes there would have been many dead if not everyone,” Sen. Paul said.

Kentucky’s Junior Senator found himself in a batting cage just beyond the right field fence when bullets began to cut across the diamond sending people diving for cover.

"Unfortunately no one could get to Scalise, because Representative Scalise had been shot, because there was a fence dividing us and it was sort of a killing field,” said Sen. Paul. “There was a wide-open shooting area and [the gunman] was laying down bullets all across the whole field.”

Taking refuge behind an oak tree, the Senator, a Congressional staffer, and a batting practice pitcher listened to dozens of rounds. Some of those bullets hit the dirt near their hiding place and the men pondered whether sitting tight would cost them their lives.

"We're thinking, the closer he gets the less chance we have at surviving,” remembered Sen. Paul. “This is about the time that the Capitol Hill Police engaged and we hear them shooting and that's about the time we decided that, without any weapons, we weren't much defending ourselves or anybody else. We decided to make a break for it.”

Some have begun to question whether the current climate of political rhetoric inspired the attacker. Senator Paul suggests that online postings point to a possible political motive, but he spoke of the irony of attacking this event which has a history of bringing together members of both parties to help children.

“It's one of the better bipartisan things so to decide to shoot up a bipartisan game that actually raises $600,000 the Boys and Girls Club of DC is kind of a crazy notion,” he said. “But the one thing I could say could be better, I think that people need to understand that we don't have to question the motives of our opponents."

Although it has only been hours since the attack, some are discussing whether this event should bring about a debate over gun control.

Senator Paul answered, “I think it's a little quick, people were shooting at me today to try to, I guess for people to politicize this. So I think there's another time and another day for debating things and it turns out, in this case, this was a person very angry at politics so you do have to look at first causes. But my opinion has always been that guns don't kill people, people do. But I'd rather have that debate on another day when people are out of the hospital and actually recovering.”

You can hear the full interview here: https://www.facebook.com/chriswnewsfanpage/videos/1387744654648496/