LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- One group of men are focusing on their recovery at Wayside Christian Mission but right now that means focusing on those most affected by Harvey.

"Just going to take it day by day and take it as it comes,” volunteer Justin Kimberlin said.

Preparing for the 15-hour trip, these men know it won't be easy, but they are confident it will be worth it.

“You can donate money and stuff like that and that’s great but to actually go down there and have your hand in it- that helps out more and it means more to me,” Kimberlin said.

Kimberlin is one of 18 men from the Wayside Christian Mission recovery program who are heading down to Houston first thing Thursday morning. The group is planning to sleep in on the ground at a church at night for the foreseeable future.

"I want to be there to help out and then when I found out I got the opportunity to go, that's why I'm going. I want to be a part of it and say I was there and help give back,” Kimberlin said.

"Part of the recovery program is learning to give back to others and not just be focused on yourself so all of these folks are very willing to help because they want to give back,” Nina Moseley, the chief operating officer at Wayside Christian Mission said.

The group will be working in low-income neighborhoods and focusing on rebuilding.

Kimberlin said, "Just knocking on doors see if anybody needs any help, see if they have any water damage and if they do were going to help demolish their house or water damage they have and get it in dumpsters for them."

An anonymous donor is funding the trip.

"In the overall picture, it may not be a huge difference but to each individual family it will make a big difference that someone can in and was willing to help them through this terrible disaster,” Moseley said.

The same donor is also providing a semi-truck to be filled with donations and driven down to Houston later this week. WHAS11 is expecting to learn more on exactly what they need in the coming days.