LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- Meyzeek Middle School has accepted a new bathroom policy, allowing transgender students to choose the restroom they want to use, based off of the gender they identify with. The decision comes one day after President Donald Trump announced transgender individuals won't be allowed to serve in the military.

"All you want for your children is for them to be happy,” Shannon Fauver said.

For Fauver the new policy is personal. Her child is a transgender student at Meyzeek. She said all he wants is to be a normal boy and this helps him do that.

Fauver said, "If it makes my child happy to use a different pronoun, or different name, if it makes them feel better about themselves then why not? It’s really nobody else’s business."

She said she suggested the policy change in September of last year. Explaining while she supports her child at home, for other transgender students, that may not be case.

"If they're not accepted at home, the only place they are accepted is at school so you have to make sure they feel safe enough to be their selves. Puberty is hard enough without having to worry about where you're going to go to the bathroom or if somebody is going to say something about you going to the wrong bathroom,” Fauver said.

The language was put onto paper and voted on Monday night by the Meyzeek Site-Based-Decision-Making-Board, or SBDM board. She said not everyone on the board agreed with the policy but the overwhelming majority did.

It states the school will accept the gender that each student asserts. Students can choose to use the bathroom of the gender they identify with and can turn to school leaders to change their name, clothes or involvement in school activities.

"Our effort there is to be someone that the child can trust, someone that they can turn to, our goal is to make learning possible for every student,” Meyzeek Middle School Chris Burba said.

Fauver said the new policy is the way to do that—accepting every child for who they are.

She said she is hopeful this is something accepted across the board at JCPS in the near future.