ST. MATTHEWS, Ky. (WHAS11) -- Do you know what's happening in your neighborhood? A combination of social media, and real time technology is helping one local community map out crime.

The St. Matthews Five-0 Neighborhood Watch page started about seven years ago, and quickly evolved from a community message board to a new aged neighborhood watch that is serving as a bridge between the community and local police.

"I really feel like there are certain types of people who have been coming to St. Matthews because they look at it as an easy mark,” said Fred White.

Fred White has lived in St. Matthews for years, and says he always thought of the community as a quiet until one life changing day.

"My house got broken into and my mother walked in on them and everything,” said White. “They got away, but it was kind of upsetting. I didn't know there were other crimes similar to that going on."

White reported the break in to the police, but was shocked when there were no warnings or notifications that a crime had taken place, so he took his concerns online.

"The governments are relying on old media,” said White. “That old media isn't covering it anymore. Everybody needs to know what's going on."

In the past, cities like Louisville made all of their crime data available in map form online.

However, for small municipalities like St. Matthews that wasn't possible. That is until it went live online on Monday.

"The crime mapping program will help us determine where crime is occurring but it will also help the community see where there are pockets of problems, and see where crime is occurring,” said Maj. David Beyers. “I think it's important for the community to know what's going on within their community."

"I really think the group overall has improved the communication between the police, and the people of St. Matthews,” said White.

Using social media as their medium, St. Matthews Police are now able to reach more of their constituents forming a new aged neighborhood watch.

"We will engage with the public on the Facebook social media page to keep them up to date with what's going on in the community,” said Maj. Beyers. “From time to time they will post information where there is some miss information out there and we'll try and correct that."

"If there's any police agency in this county they should be on that map,” said White.

If you would like to see what crime is happening in your neighborhood click here.