LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – Two people are dead, a third is in the hospital and two are in custody after an attempted robbery in west Louisville. It happened Friday night in the 2400 block of West Jefferson.

Neighbors were still shaken up Saturday afternoon.

“It’s normally a little more active and kids are running around playing basketball and stuff like that. It’s not like that at all today,” Jay White said.

Twenty-four hours after an armed robbery attempt leaves two dead and one hurt, West Jefferson was quiet. Jay White, who lives near the scene of the crime, said it was a traumatic night.

He said, "It’s just crazy- I mean, I don't understand why people would do that."

Police said Shaleta Harris, Marlon Carpenter, and Milik Lewis broke into the building Friday night with handguns, a rifle, and the intent to rob the man who lived inside.

"I heard some gunshots – it was like four gunshots at first with a small break and then another two, heard sirens, came outside, there as two cop cars and tons of people gathering up,” White explained.

Officers said the three suspects opened fire on the victim, who was identified as 39-year-old Charles Cavanaugh.

They said Cavanaugh fired back- hitting Carpenter and Lewis, leaving Lewis dead. Carpenter and Harris then fled the scene.

When police arrived, Cavanaugh was rushed to University Hospital, where he died in surgery.

"It was really close to home and really, I don't want to say traumatic, but really crazy,” White said.

Police found the two suspects and a third, Lyndia Yarnell, a short time later. All were taken into custody.

Knowing they are off the streets is something neighbors said they're thankful for.

"Definitely there's a little bit of relief- it’s not there right this second. I mean, there's always people there to replace it, but at this moment, it’s not right there so that's a relief”, White said.

Harris and Yarnell are charged with two counts of complicity murder and one count of complicity robbery.

Carpenter is still recovering at University Hospital.