LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS1) -- People in the Fern Creek neighborhood off the Snyder discovered Wednesday’s rain turned their street into a yellow brick road of sorts.

The only problem is the road isn't made of bricks nor is it supposed to be yellow.

On a sunny day, the water in the ditch along Brentlinger Lane is so clear that you can barely even tell that it's there.

However, Wednesday night the people in this south Louisville neighborhood say that the water was the same color as the line on the street, and they want to know why.

"I came home and the water was running across the road,” said Larry Miller. “The ditches were colored yellow. Cars were coming down through here and it looked like an orange wake."

Larry Miller snapped this video of the ditch across the street from his home which is visibly discolored, but if we zoom out a bit Harold Adams of the Department of Public Works says it's obvious to see the culprit.

"We had a crew out striping the road, putting down the yellow paint, and basically they got caught by a pop-up storm that hadn't been in the forecast,” said Harold Adams.

"The water has gone down a little bit,” said Miller. “When it first rained, the lines were solid yellow, and now they've got so much breakup in it you can see the yellow tint down the road and it looks like the Wizard of Oz.”

Adams says the contractors will pay to restripe the roads where a yellow hue remains, and the paint was quickly washed away in the ditches, but that's what concerns Miller.

"My big concern is what's in the runoff,” said Miller. “What's it doing to the environment, the ditches, and the creeks? I'm a fisherman and I want to leave this world better for our grandbabies."

Adams says that this is not a hazardous material spill, however, the contractors responsible will keep an eye on the situation, and will be responsible for any mitigation.