LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – It all stems from the actions and now the apology by one man: longtime Metro Councilman Dan Johnson who is accused of dropping his pants in a parking lot, of groping fellow Councilwoman Jessica Green earlier this month and banned from all Greater Louisville Inc. events because of his actions on a city-sponsored trip.

Citing a lack of policy and reporting procedures for harassment claims among Metro Council staff members, a six-page resolution is the right way forward according to Councilwoman Angela Leet. "I think this is about having framework and having an open, transparent discussion about how we provide assurances that we want to foster a safe working environment," Leet said.

She is co-sponsoring the resolution along with Green. It outlines a new way to report harassment allegations which Leet says never existed within Metro Council. She wants to create an anonymous tip-line and assign a third party investigator to look into any future claims.

"It would assuage some concerns in regards to folks trying to utilize it as a tool to damage an elected official by making false claims," she told WHAS11.

It would also allow any employee the opportunity to feel their claims are taken seriously. Leet says she started drafting the resolution before Johnson was alleged to have groped Green. He apologized, agreed to attend counseling and said he won't seek re-election next year. Leet says the resolution provides a safety net to those hesitant to report harassment.

"I think that is a tenant of every person going into work – is that they are not going to be subjected to a harassing environment," Leet said.