Full disclosure, I have always been an admirer of Debbie Scoppechio.

Breaking glass ceilings 30 years ago in advertising, last August Debbie showed me pictures of when she often was the only woman in the boardroom.

Her then agency Creative Alliance, now renamed Scoppechio, would grow into the largest in the state.

Her passion took it to the top. Debbie said no one does it alone; it's all about the team.

Her team, family, and countless friends sent gifts, cards and named her MVP during her valiant fight with breast cancer.

It was obvious when I interviewed her last year that cancer was taking its toll, but Debbie wasn't about to give in. She told me she had lived the fullest life, and so lucky.

Debbie said she really didn't think about her legacy but wanted it to be worthwhile.

One thing she was especially proud of was awarding a scholarship each year at U of L to a young woman pursuing business. It meant the world to her.

Debbie Scoppechio's legacy is firmly in place. She cemented each day of her life with passion, fight, and courage.

While so many are sad to lose a friend, the best way to honor Debbie will be with a smile and to live your life like she did—with passion, acting as a mentor to others, and most importantly, living a life with no regrets.

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