LOUISVILLE (WHAS11) -- Taking a positive turn to an exciting day in the Russell Neighborhood, a civil rights activist, and renowned Reverend, moved into a home on Cedar Street.

The community came out to the new house on Thursday morning for the announcement and it's one they hope will push others to move West of 9th street and continue the revitalization effort.

Reverend Geoffrey Ellis and his wife can now call 1909 Cedar Street their new home. Ellis said he hopes his following and influence in the community will show others not to fear West Louisville but to build it up.

There were cheers and prayers among the small crowd gathered outside Ellis' new home. Leaders and people from across the community were proud to add another family to Cedar Street

Cedar Street is a 25 home development and it is years and millions of dollars in the making. Developers say the only way to get more people to move to the neighborhood is to lead by example.

“They're going to bring families here and help redevelop this home and this street,” Chip Hancock, Senior VP of Republic Bank, said.

“No matter what your economic status, no matter your social status, we're not afraid to live in the West End and re-invest in the West End because the West End is the best end,” Rev. Geoffrey Ellis, local civil rights activist, said.

Elliott and his wife lived in the Shawnee neighborhood most of their lives, raising their eight children there. But they say they're excited to embrace their new community.

The $6 million Cedar Street Development project is part of a larger plan to redevelop the entire Russell Neighborhood, including building more homes and a new proposed YMCA at 18th and Broadway.